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Finland, Europe

Finland Home / Country Detail finland Study, Work, Live in Finland A country with pristine natural beauty and landscapes, Finland is among Europe’s most modern and innovative countries. With an education system that is at par with global standards, it is also a popular choice of international students due to the academic reputation of Finnish… Continue reading Finland, Europe

Denmark, Europe

Denmark Home / Country Detail denmark Study, Work, Live in Denmark Denmark regularly ranks on lists of most pleasant, safest and happiest places on earth thanks to its high quality of life and per capita income, as well as its advanced education, health care and civil rights. Undertaking an education in Denmark places you right… Continue reading Denmark, Europe

Austria, Europe

Austria Home / Country Detail austria Study, Work, Live in Austria Austria lies in the centre of Europe with easy access to its neighbouring countries by air, road, or rail. Quick Facts   The universities and higher education facilities are well respected throughout the world With a thriving industry base and high employment ratio, the… Continue reading Austria, Europe

Sweden, Europe

Sweden Home / Country Detail sweden Study, Work, Live in Sweden With an education system that fosters creativity and emphasizes more on academic pursuits than just achieving higher grades and home to universities that instil ambition, innovation and critical thinking, Sweden is among the most innovative study destinations in the world. Quick Facts   Around… Continue reading Sweden, Europe

Netherlands, Europe

Netherlands Home / Country Detail netherlands Study, Work, Live in Netherlands With Netherlands hosting students from as many as 160 countries, you can experience an excellent international culture in Dutch universities, which is complemented by an education ecosystem that is student cantered and industry oriented at the same time. Quick Facts   9 universities among… Continue reading Netherlands, Europe

Germany, Europe

Germany Home / Country Detail Germany Study, Work, Live in Germany Germany is fast becoming one of the most favoured choices for international education with hundreds of thousands of students seeking an entry in German universities. This country offers an unparalleled learning ecosystem known for producing high quality graduates who achieve high employability and better… Continue reading Germany, Europe

France, Europe

France Home / Country Detail france Study, Work, Live in France France is home to one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world. No matter what subjects or degrees you wish to pursue, there are plenty of universities and institutions that are a perfect match to your academic pursuits in France. Quick Facts… Continue reading France, Europe

Vietnam, Asia

Vietnam Home / Country Detail vietnam Study, Work, Live in Vietnam Vietnam is known for its rigorous curriculum that is deemed competitive for students. Vietnam is the home to many world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Vietnam is known for its endless natural beauty and its famous attraction. Vietnam’s economy is growing steadily at near… Continue reading Vietnam, Asia

Japan, Asia

Japan Home / Country Detail japan Study, Work, Live in Japan Japan is renowned for its excellent education system and is one of the top-performing country in reading literacy, math and sciences. Excellent safety, accessibility, and high quality of life standards make Japan a top location for students. Studying abroad in Japan means that the… Continue reading Japan, Asia

Mauritius, Asia

Mauritius Home / Country Detail mauritius Study, Work, Live in Mauritius Mauritius is a located in the Indian Ocean which is best known for its white beaches, reefs and fascinating forests. It is one of the best countries to pursue an education at an affordable price in South Asia. The country has developed one of… Continue reading Mauritius, Asia